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Thank you for putting your trust in us. Our goal is to protect consumer information and conduct safe transactions. The following disclosure explains how we obtain and disseminate information.


We may change our privacy laws at any time without warning. Keep this policy updated by reviewing it frequently

The following Privacy Policy should be read carefully before using this website. If you do not agree with our website policies, do not use it or access it.

The use of the website constitutes your agreement and acknowledgement that we will use and disclose personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information collected about individuals and other data

When you visit our website, we collect and retain personal information. We strive to provide you with a comfortable, efficient, pleasant, and personalised experience. Providing services and features tailored to your needs, along with adapting our website to make your experience easier, are all possible because of this. During this process, we acquire personal information about you that we believe is necessary to fulfil this purpose.

Visitors to the Website are not required to disclose their identity or any other personal information. You are no longer anonymous once you provide us with your personal information. We clarify which fields are required and which are optional. The website does not always require you to disclose information when you decline to use certain services or features. Based on your website usage, we may automatically monitor some information about you.

Cookies are deployed on specific web pages to measure and evaluate web page flow, monitor promotion effectiveness, and provide stability and security.

Cookie data is stored on the device’s hard drive and contains information about the user. Cookie technology is used on many web pages, including this one. Our site periodically retrieves stored information from your system by using cookies. Having a better understanding of how you use our site allows us to tailor our information and services to meet your needs. We place cookies on our site to prevent the user from entering their password more than once. When the user closes their browser, the cookie expires automatically. The website can still be accessed even if visitors deny the cookie. We do not associate cookies with personal information on our site.

Cookies may be used by some of our business partners (such as advertisers). These cookies are not directly under our control, however. Users can configure their browsers to display notification each time a cookie request is detected. Users may also prevent cookies from being placed on their computers. We recommend allowing cookies on your browser to enhance your experience on our site.

We collect information about your purchasing patterns if you buy something on the website.

When you engage with us, we collect additional information. Among these details are a postal address, a credit/debit card number, a credit/debit card expiration date, and/or another method for receiving payments or monitoring invoice or money order data.

Our message boards, chat rooms, and other messaging sections will collect the information you provide. Your comments are also included. To resolve disputes, assist customers, and troubleshoot problems, we preserve this information as authorized by law.

Your personal communication with us, such as emails or letters, or other users’ or third parties’ correspondence regarding your activities on the website, may be included in your file.

When you create a free account with us, we collect personally identifiable information (email address, name, phone number, credit card/debit card / other payment instrument data, etc.). The majority of our website can be viewed for free, but some actions (such as ordering) require registration. Your contact information is used to bring you offers based on your previous purchases.

Any questions?

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