How to Fix LCP Issue: Longer than 4s (Desktop) or (Mobile)

Now days all facing an error in webmaster LCP Issue: Longer than 4s (Desktop) or (Mobile). Here we will give a solution for fixing the issue. 90% we will resolve this error in website

              Before that we should know

What is LCP? 

The measure of time to deliver the biggest substance component obvious in the viewport, from when the client demands the URL. The biggest component is commonly a picture or video, or maybe a huge square level content component. This is significant on the grounds that it tells the per user that the URL is really stacking.

If LCP is greater than 4s Google will rated as a poor core web vital experience. It’s mainly calculated by load time of your website pages. Refer in details

Why we need to fix this issue?

Google webmaster was introduce last few month back web core viral it’s mainly for a user experiences of the web page. Hope next SEO update it’s a main impact for SEO ranking.

Its LCP issue effect SEO?

Mostly because Google we will give a ranking a website which one is lower than <2.5s load time. (One of important on page technique look at on next update) Next update is major thing to fix in webmaster.

How to  resolve LCP ISSUE: Longer than 4s Desktop) or (Mobile)

Lot of tools are available to check web page speed check. Mostly we are using this tools PageSpeed Insights and Gtmatrix

Here we go for a testing a website speed test and fix the issue one by one: here the issue is LCP

Issue shown here greater than 2.5s, here we can able to see the load time of the website frame by frame

we need to improve the load time to fix the issue, in search result you can to able to see the error need to fix, Mainly you need to fix the image, java script and Css comparison to resolve this issue and improve website performance

Step 1:  open your website in Incognito window:

Step 2: press f12 to open developer console and click performance tab

Step 3:  click the reload button below its generation a preformation report

step 4: you can able to find out the LCP issue.

Once you compressed all the images mostly your LCP issue will resolved. I did more the 10+ website fix this issue for our website as well as our client website. Hope this information will help you to fix the issue LCP Issue: Longer than 4s (Desktop) or (Mobile) and also zinavo will help you to fix the issue contact our sales team.

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